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Strategic leadership that delivers the best customer experiences and risk mitigation through faster commissioning, quicker startups, planning and coordination of schedules and budgets, QA/QC excellence, better project performance, more uptime, less downtime and lower operational risk.


Owner Representation


Planning & Scheduling


Project Coordination


EPC Interface Management


QA/QC Inspection


As an owner’s representative, Rush Resources offers the technical expertise and project experience to ensure successful project experiences. Beginning with a thorough understanding of your business and project objectives, Rush Resources can tailor a strategy to meet your requirements, from pre-construction to project close out. We function as an extension of your team through open collaboration and clear communication—tracking issues, facilitating solutions, and delivering accurate and timely information throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Rush Resources owner’s representative services provide peace of mind for project owners by allowing you to focus on core business practices and remain confident that your trusted representative is protecting your interests.

Rush Resources technical leadership consists of a deep bench of highly skilled experts with presence throughout North America. With consistent reporting and responsive service, our team of professionals offers the expertise and prudent judgment to ensure your project’s success.

Rush Resources Owner Representation Services address:

    • Designing appropriate solutions to meet business and project objectives
    • Managing contractor selection and bid process
    • Providing construction management oversight and ongoing verification of project goals
    • Managing timelines and schedules
    • Expediting procurement
    • Managing all third-party communication on behalf of the client
    • Facilitating client training to ensure ongoing success of energy-related projects

Rely on Rush Resources from concept to construction through close out.


There is nothing more critical to great project experiences and successful outcomes than careful planning and scheduling. Rush Resources understands the value of pre-production work necessary to deliver the results you need.

Our Project Planning and Scheduling services predictably assure you hit your project milestones and goals. Customized to the unique aspects of your project, you have the help you need through the design, development, completion and maintenance phases of your project.

Rush Resources brings decades of experience in dealing with complex logistical and time-consuming aspects of planning and scheduling so you can focus on the project work and completion. Our thorough, detail-oriented planning and scheduling helps you maximize productivity, improve operational efficiency and helps find areas where costs can be optimized or cut.

Our Planning and Scheduling services include things like:

    • Helping develop detailed project schedules
    • Assisting project managers in keeping schedules current and moving forward on-time
    • Revising schedules, as needed, when objectives or priorities change
    • Creating detailed plans for project completion
    • Integrating multiple plans and schedules for an end-to-end view of the project and related dependencies
    • Tracking critical path information, progress and outcomes to speed decision making and the project
    • Coordinating with program management to keep track of the results and make any needed adjustments
    • Forecasting manpower and headcount requirements, including mobilization and demobilization

Integral to great EPC experiences is ensuring the proper coordination of every aspect of each component of the project. It’s critical to ensure safe project execution, keeping schedules and budgets on-track and making sure every project achieves its goals and objectives.

Rush Resources Project Coordination Services assume responsibility for a whole or a portion of an EPC project. Working within your objectives, Rush Resources ensures safety, productivity, performance, budget and schedules are optimized and working together to maintain bottom-line project and financial success.

Rush Resources Project Coordination services cover areas such as:

    • Monitor budgets and schedules to reduce or eliminate delays and over-runs
    • Assuring that the project is in accordance with policies, procedures, systems and requirements
    • Managing overall HSE compliance, individual worker safety, training, incident response and reporting
    • Managing and/or coordinating project personnel through direct supervision
    • Ensuring proper requirements, skills, experience and processes for project success
    • Defining precise scopes of work, predicting changes and managing of the overall change order process
    • Communicating progress, performance, completion, obstacles and workarounds, working with the project owners to head off issues before they become problems
    • Keeping the client advised of every aspect of the coordinated area for a “no surprises” project experience

Interface management has emerged as an effective strategy to reduce interface-related issues and risks by facilitating communication and coordination among diverse parties, particularly for capital-intensive, large and complex projects.

Interface management is no longer an internal project delivery issue only. Interface management has become the combination of internal interfaces, external interfaces and the intersection of the two—to ensure predictable project success.

Rush Resources EPC Interface Management services monitors budgets and schedules, ensuring success by:

    • Making sure communication across stake holders is accurate, open, transparent and trustworthy
    • Identifying risks that may arise and making recommendation on mitigating risk back to an acceptable level
    • Ensuring EPC partners provide the right resources at the right time, and in the right place, to perform to requirement and contract
    • Minimizing rework, schedule slippage and cost overruns while growing overall project quality
    • Mitigating interface-related risk by recording and tracking interfaces, dependencies, lines of communication, assignment of responsibility and expectations while monitoring progress and achievement of shared goals and objectives
    • Increasing overall project performance by smoothing working, schedule and timeline relationships between internal and external parties

The result to our clients can be:

    • Dispute avoidance based on scope, schedule and timeline
    • Better rigor applied to contracts through full visibility of interface points, and award evaluations that find and minimize risk
    • Higher contract incentive achievement for the owners or owner’s representative
    • Superior governance, credibility and performance that controls project cost and risk

Key to risk mitigation, cost control and project success is ensuring that what you’re getting is what you thought you were getting. QA/QC is the combination of quality assurance, processes used to monitor, testing plans and quality control and the measurement of outcomes to requirements.

Rush Resources QA/QC Inspection services are centered around quality control and safety while reducing the cost of personnel, equipment and rework often associated with large, complex and capital-intensive construction projects.

Rush Resources is uniquely qualified to address your QA/QC inspection needs due to our detailed understanding and leadership of large projects and our deeply experienced and field-proven experts that have “been there and done that” numerous times. We look beyond the obvious to uncover hidden risks associated with poor construction, equipment, process and performance.

Rush Resources QA/QC Inspection Services keep your project safe, performing and meeting requirements through:

    • On-site presence and inspections to ensure compliance and alignment with project specifications
    • Confirming operational procedures, assisting with quality and safety work
    • Coordinating and overseeing craft and coordinating inspection requirements
    • Keeping ahead of safety, permits and worksite-related details
    • Verifying industry standards, code requirements and company QA/QC requirements
    • Identifying non-conforming work to reduce rework, keep schedules moving and lower costly overruns
    • Ensuring fabrication and equipment meets required quality and performance standards
    • Providing oversight in the Design, Construction and Pre-Commissioning phases to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for

It is risky to rely on EPC firms to self-perform QA/QC as they have an incentive to cut corners or not tell it like it is. Rush Resources is a “cold eye review” for your quality assurance and quality control that connects contractor and equipment performance to requirements every time.



Tactical excellence that delivers the best project experiences and risk mitigation. You benefit from quality task execution, efficient completion, the best craft and trade personnel, improved safety and compliance, rotating equipment expertise and skill, electrical and instrumentation and faster resource on-boarding.


& Completions


& Electrical




SIS and


Control System Engineering


Rush Resources brings a full compliment of reliable resources, processes and methods to perform commissioning and completions according to your budget and schedule.

Our services include inspection, verification, calibration and testing of complex instrumentation, electrical and mechanical process controls and safety system.

We use a quality-driven approach to deliver comprehensive documentation of projects, facilities, systems, equipment and their integration into your construction to operational phases.

Our services cover:

    • Interfacing with construction teams and completed systems acceptance
    • Pre-commissioning activities
    • Training and qualification of customer O&M personnel
    • Preparation of detailed operating and technical manuals
    • Commissioning activities
    • Conducting or assisting the customer with startup
    • Demonstrating all process safety devices
    • Participation in ramp-up, optimization and performance testing
    • Instrument calibration and loop checks
    • Optional operating services during the warranty period

Rush Resources is often called on to service and support:

    • Upstream oil and gas production
    • Midstream facilities, gas gathering stations and terminals
    • Downstream refineries, LNG and chemical plants

Rush Resources I&E services support your construction, commissioning, startup and maintenance needs—from concept to work completion.

We support new construction projects for refinery and petrochemical units, and comprehensive I&E assembly for modular construction projects in both Upstream and Downstream applications.

Decades of experience in energy, oil and gas and chemical projects have prepared Rush Resources to find, prioritize and overcome common challenges faced by owner/operators and general contractors.

Our services cover necessary I&E needs such as:

    • Installation
    • Testing and commissioning
    • Duct bank, tray, conduit, cable, termination and testing
    • Documentation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Preventative and routine maintenance
    • Turnaround support

The majority of rotating equipment failure is commonly  a result of poor installation, inadequate maintenance or improper start-up and shutdown procedures.

Rush Resources significantly reduces unplanned outages and costs associated with rotating equipment failure.



 Our services and personnel deliver fully equipped onsite installation, inspection, maintenance and repair on rotating equipment such as:

        • Motors
        • Generators
        • Drives
        • Gear Boxes
        • Pumps
        • Fin Fans
        • Turbines
        • Compressors

Achieve a safer and more reliable process operation.

Rush Resources safety instrumented systems and automation services helps you reliably protect your assets, improve process availability and grow operational performance—all while lowering cost.

SIS and automation are critical to lowering operational risk, production outages, equipment damage and serious injuries to personnel.

Our SIS services take a modern approach to increase safety integrity while improving process availability by helping you integrate your process safety systems to your operational environment to have best in class oversight and emergency shutdown capabilities triggered by abnormal process paramaters.

Rush Resources ensures your SIS and automation needs are seamlessly integrated with your Process Control Systems for high reliability operations and an end-to-end approach to safety within your project or operations.

We are experienced across numerous systems and solutions so we take a vendor-neutral approach to match the exact solution to your exact requirement.

Our personnel have obtained multiple certifications on common emergency shutdown systems.


Control system engineering is all about finding, creating and delivering solutions to complex problems.

Control system engineering services enable industrial facilities, chemical plants, refineries and gas plants to operate better, more safely and at a lower cost.

Rush Resources services bring together the best in process, equipment, control systems and sensors for the monitoring of production systems and environments. Our methodologies and services ensure you understand how processes can be managed, how automation can be applied for maximum benefit and how to gain the greatest operational performance within your project and production environment.

Our control system engineering services cover these areas:

    • Design: processes, protocols, connection points, control system equipment
    • Integration: installation, connection and testing
    • Monitoring: processes, systems, equipment and performance
    • Performance: thresholds, exception notifications and problem resolution

Decades of hands-on experience make sure you achieve your control system objectives for:

    • Control devices and valves
    • Motor driven control elements
    • Fluid powered actuators
    • Solenoids and relays
    • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)



Technical experts and resources that provide strategic perspectives, project leadership and oversight, or quality craftspeople that get the job done. A scalable, available and flexible resource pool for the smallest to the largest projects.




& Startup Experts


Technical SMEs


Construction &
Project Management


Quality Inspectors


Having the right people and technical expertise can make or break project budgets and schedules. Fortunately, Rush Resources team of specialized craftsmen are experienced, proven and available for application into your project.

Rush Resources people have industry-specific experience in hydrocarbons, chemical, and pulp and paper.  Proven recruitment and retention programs, with above-average benefits ensure a safe, productive, high-quality workforce, driven to meet and exceed your project goals for quality, schedule, and costs.

Our professionals have honed their skills and craft with decades of hands-on experience in:

    • Equipment Setting
    • Safety and Compliance
    • Modular Construction
    • Plant Dismantling & Relocation
    • Shutdown & Turnaround
    • Startup & Commissioning

Rely on Rush Resources when it comes to fulfilling your craft and trade needs whether it is for a single individual, or project task, to wide variety of skills and activities across an entire project.


Rush Resources will plan, install, integrate, test, monitor and maintain specialized industrial equipment anywhere in the world.

Bringing new equipment, industrial processes and plants up and running requires patience, careful planning and orderly, efficient execution. Unforeseen problems must be found, diagnosed and corrected before routine operations can begin. The sooner an installation is completed, the faster you can start to recover the cost of your investment.

Rush Resources experts can easily manage your commissioning and startup projects from project plan to go-live. Our extensive experience gives Rush Resources the unique ability to anticpate and prepare for almost anything found in a typical build to commission scenario, and to handle the unexpected with minimal disruption to schedules and budgets.

Our commissioning and startup experts work with your plant management, operations and maintenance personnel to deliver smooth and safe installations, with a quick transition to an operational status.

Ongoing maintenance experts are available to evaluate asset health and ensure equipment performance if needed.


Every project and task can benefit from a proven subject matter expert.

Why? SMEs can deliver on project tasks more quickly and more efficiently. They can also uncover challenges or problems before they cost you money and time you don’t have.

Rush Resources subject matter experts have extensive domain, equipment, process, project, plan, engineering, integration and systems knowledge and experience. They are used strategically to identify, prioritize and work around challenges before they become problems. And are used tactically to solve construction, phase, activity or task challenges.

Our SMEs are available for:

    • Owner representation
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Project coordination
    • EPC interface management
    • QA/QC leadership and inspection
    • Commissioning and completion activities
    • Instrumentation and electrical design, integration and performance
    • Rotating equipment in all phases of application and operation
    • SIS and process automation
    • Control system engineering

Often the single biggest area of advantage and risk is in how construction and projects are managed. Great management generally leads to great success, while average or poor management leads to extended schedules and cost overruns.

Reduce or eliminate construction and project failure by applying Rush Resources construction and project management personnel in your current or future projects.

Our resources are well trained and experienced across decades of hands-on involvement in complex construction efforts and specific projects. Their skills and experience understand the effects of internal process, external vendor and contractors, material price volatility, weather, personnel, equipment and systems integration can have on a project.

Put to work deeply experienced resources in planning, scheduling, resource and labor management, budget oversight and accountability, schedule performance, contractor management, labor and skill application, safety and compliance, and overall project performance monitoring to keep things on track and increase project success.

The benefits to you are:

    • End-to-end integration, visibility and accountability
    • Reduced construction project cost
    • Keeping schedules on-time
    • Increased construction resource performance
    • Reduction of labor and craft-related issues
    • Increased project and labor safety and compliance
    • Better delivery of a completed project to specification and requirement
    • Lower ongoing operational costs and higher production performance

When you need an individual or a team of control system engineers, call on Rush Resources.

Our deeply experienced and skilled control system engineers all have a background in engineering and system design to craft the solution you need—from the simplest to the most complex.

Because the highly technical nature of modern industrial facilities, plants and refineries it is critically important to ensure you have the right expertise from project concept to completion. Achieve your project goals, keep things on schedule and budget, and lower operational cost through the right design and integration of instrumentation, electrical control panels, operational processes, equipment and programmatic systems.

Decades of hands-on experience make sure you achieve your objectives for your control systems across:

    • Control devices and valves
    • Motor driven control elements
    • Fluid powered actuators
    • Solenoids and relays
    • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)



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Better overall experiences.

Rush Resources substantially improves overall project experiences, from concept to completion. Our clients repeatedly bring Rush Resources into their projects because we consistently deliver superior results and reduce project friction while keeping your objectives on schedule and on-budget.



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