10 reasons why Rush is the right project partner.



Rush Resources solves the largest problems found in large, complex construction projects. Rush brings project transformation to an industry stuck in the “status quo.”

Rush restores capital performance and success by delivering the best project experiences and business relationships.



Capital projects, shutdown and turnarounds, and similar projects are plagued by predictable problems. Problems that lead to blown schedules, large cost overruns and higher capital risk.

Statistics that relate specifically to capital and project risks are:

    • 78% of owners and construction companies believe that project risks are increasing [KPMG study]
    • $33 million, over 17 months, was the global average size and length of construction disputes [Arcadis study]

And, rework is killing project performance leading to additional and unnecessary capital risk:

    • 30% of work performed by construction companies is actually rework [MCSER study]
    • 9% of total project cost is due to rework—including direct and indirect costs [Navigant study]

Finally, productivity doesn’t seem to be getting better, further adding to capital risk, globally, to the tune of $1.62 trillion annually (Dodge study).

Statistics bear out that the probability of a successful construction project (one that is on-time, on-budget and meeting all required objectives) is at an all time low. Therefore, the capital you invest in projects has a high probability of under performance.

It’s time to transform the way projects are started and completed so you restore and increase your capital performance—getting the most out of your capital investments.

We Lower These Stats:

  • Mega project delay or over budget (%) 98% 98%
  • Cost overrun for all construction projects (%) 85% 85%
  • Owners say that they need more collaboration (%) 82% 82%
  • Poor contractor performance is #1 problem (%) 69% 69%
  • Underperforming projects, last 12 months (%) 50% 50%
  • Average cost overrun (% of total project dollars) 28% 28%
  • Projects completed within 10% of original budget (%) 25% 25%

KPMG, Dodge Analytics, McKinsey (2019-2021)



It’s been proven over the past 70 years that the status quo isn’t good enough. By this, that if the same approaches, processes, relationships and methodologies are continue things will only get worse.

Capital, shutdown and turnaround projects for energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and distribution companies must be transformed. Otherwise future projects will continue to achieve the statistics mentioned above.

Project transformation is required if businesses are to decrease capital risk. Industry statistics indicate the largest areas of transformation that deliver the greatest benefit are:

    • Leadership: broad, diverse and high-performance leaders that can lead people, budgets, contractors, material, equipment and project goals to a common set of performance-driven and predictable results
    • Management: deeply skilled and experienced project management that knows where the challenges are, ahead of the problem
    • Culture: creating a culture of high-performance, teamwork and shared accountability for success
    • Skilled Resources: the right experience and skill for the activity or task that predictably meets expectations, sufficient to keep budgets and schedules
    • Transparency: open, collaborative and high-trust relationships, communication and problem solving
    • Improved contractor performance: better schedule, communication and planning with external contractors
    • Better craft productivity: putting the right skill, in the right place, at the right time, every time
    • Reducing rework: getting the project, activity or task done right the first time, every time

While, on the surface, these high-impact transformation areas may seem obvious, solving them has proven elusive.

Don’t be the next poor statistic. Do something different. Choose to transform your project and get the most out of your capital investment.



Since 2007, Rush Resources has consistently, economically, rapidly and positively transformed capital for large and complex projects  by simplifying, prioritizing and solving key challenges.

Businesses that put Rush Resources on their projects achieve more. It is that simple.

Our experienced personnel and solutions bring ten keys to better capital and project performance while lowering business risk.


Experience has shown Rush Resources that the “status quo” in the industry does not lead to consistent and predictable project outcomes and success.

Rush Resources eliminates the “status quo” by bringing real, monetizable and value-add transformation to complex, costly projects—no matter their size and location.

Customer projects led and supported by Rush Resources experience better outcomes, achieve their goals more quickly, keep schedules and budgets on track and LOWER capital, project and business risk.

Based on proven, field experience we bring innovative approaches, methods, leadership, management and craft experience that cuts through the past to lead to new, predictable and successful outcomes.

It is really simple. If you’re satisfied with the status quo and like living in traditional project outcomes, choose another company to work with.

Or, if you’re tired of the status quo and want to have the best project experience and outperform at every level, choose Rush Resources. You won’t be disappointed.


At Rush, highly skilled project leaders, managers, consultants and skilled craftsmen bring decades of hand’s on experience and perspective to every project.

Our employees are the most sought after resources in the industry due to their predictable value-add and success on every project.

Our project experiences bring insight, decision clarity, relationship improvement, leadership and management to remove obstacles to success and reduce project and capital risk.

Put the leadership, experience and skill, from strategic to tactical, your project needs to accelerate capital performance and project success. Along the way solve the issues of:

    • Talent retirement: immediately replace “lost” experience and skill, through retirement. Have the talent, skill and experienced leadership or craft you need to be successful—always scalable to your exact requirement
    • Knowledge transfer: instill proven tribal knowledge, improve your performance and safety culture for operational excellence while improving performance through direct learning from our people
    • Narrow internal experience: broaden your project team’s horizons by benefiting from a “cross-project” and “cross-industry” perspective that brings new and proven best practices for greater success and lower risk
    • Self-interest: reduce or eliminate problems due to internal, political or personal self interest; keep everything open, honest, transparent and collaborative

We are geared to deliver the highest level of performance, from strategy to task, in every circumstance. Your success is our success.

Rush Resources solves issues that lead to capital and project underperformance such as:

    • Poor contractor performance
    • Manpower retention
    • Schedule and budget slippage
    • Repetitive scope creep that adds cost
    • Continual rework that takes time and adds cost
    • Having the wrong craft personnel in the wrong tasks or positions
    • Poor communication across the entire project
    • Inexperienced leadership, management, processes and relationships

You shouldn’t have to ever settle for repetitive, predictable problems on your project when you can have a high-performance environment that achieves your goals.



Rush Resources can be your single source for strategic project leadership and representation through to discrete craft task resourcing.

Our comprehensive solutions ensure you have what you need, when and where you need it. All working together to ensure the greatest level of excellence, project success and capital preservation.

We do this through our:

    • Producer Services: Strategic, high-level and deeply experienced leadership services that deliver the greatest risk mitigation and capital preservation.
    • Performer Services: High-performance, experienced and skill-based services to accomplish tactical project tasks with the greatest level of excellence and safety while reducing rework and speeding commissioning and completions.
    • People Services: “On-demand” proven leaders and skilled labor that is qualified, trained, experienced, ready and available—scalable to single task or to oversee and complete an entire project



Speed can kill a project. Speed with discipline leads to success.

Rush Resources brings additional velocity to every project. Velocity to project strategy, phase or task completion and goal attainment.

With Rush Resources you reduce the friction associated with:

    • Recruitment and Onboarding
    • Mobilization and demobilization
    • Resource certifications and licensing
    • Personnel and equipment compliance and governance
    • Communication between contractors and third-parties
    • Poor collaboration and shared objectives
    • Poor quality assurance and quality control

Rush Resources is your “project accelerator” by bringing experience, skill and discipline to routine project tasks, smoothing the project schedule, reducing or eliminating rework and getting you to completion and production more quickly.


On every project we never settle for “good enough.” We know you demand excellence—from planning through completion and turnover—every step of the way.

Leading complex and expensive projects for over 40 years has taught Rush Resources that project and operational excellence isn’t a “nice to have”, but is a “must have” at every level.

We’ve built our company and reputation around delivering rapid, economical and predictable project performance within an environment of project and operational excellence.

Our solutions, services and people are all engineered to deliver excellence in the leadership, support, communication, collaboration, management and task completion across every project, every time.

We never compromise your project by cutting corners, taking shortcuts, underperforming or hiding mistakes. If you’re looking for project and operational excellence within your company, project or operation, then Rush Resources is the only and best logical choice.


Some clients need an advocate that seeks to protect project stakeholder’s interests across all aspects of the project.

Rush Resources is their “cold eye” and an objective advocate from strategy to individual tasks, ensuring that what needs to be done is actually done to requirement or goal. Similarly, Rush Resources is your objective, neutral advocate in ensuring contractor performance, task completion, communication and reporting.


Decades of field project experience has taught us that safety goes beyond traditional HSE. Way beyond.

Safety encompasses people, places, assets, project phases, individual tasks and capital. By this, safety must take into account:

    • Safe people: proper skills, certifications, licenses, training and experience, supported by proper process, accountability and reporting
    • Safe places: offices, facilities and work sites where the work gets done by having the right oversight, governance, monitoring and process controls that keep workplaces productive and high-performing to enable greater safety for people
    • Safe assets: keeping equipment and tools available, capable, certified, licensed and safe when on the worksite or being used by contractors or your personnel
    • Safe project phases: ensuring that poor safety performance or compromise in equipment, machinery or task completion doesn’t impact the next project phase
    • Safe activities and tasks: having the proper readiness, monitoring, incident response and notification that keeps specific activities performing at their best, all the time
    • Safe capital: capital safety is making sure that the money you’ve allocated and spent returns the greatest value and benefit within the entire project, phase or specific activity; keeping an eye on attitudes, behaviors, communication and actions that lead to “unsafe spending”

Rush Resources brings a comprehensive, holistic view to project safety that improves your safety culture and environment leading to better project experiences and more successful outcomes.


Rush Resources’ customers always know what is happening, how tasks are being completed, learning of any challenges and solutions along the way, and the best path to successful project completion.

Our customers benefit from consistently achieving their project and task objectives whether it is being an owner representative or to successful commissioning and completions—with no surprises.

This is outcome predictability.

Reduce or eliminate project uncertainties with Rush Resources and experience successful outcome predictability you didn’t think possible.


High trust relationships and high trust companies repeatedly save time and money. High trust contractors consistently and predictably protect your interests, people, project and capital investments as if they were their own.

That is Rush Resources.

Rush Resources leadership and personnel have been trusted advisors for the largest EPC, energy, oil and gas companies on their biggest, most complex and expensive projects. Businesses and project leaders continually rely on Rush Resources for improved project success and the best overall project experiences.

In every business, the relationship quality is key to successful outcomes. Our open, honest, professional and collaborative culture breeds excellence, trust and deeper relationships that lead to mutual success.

You are one call away from your best and most trusted advisor who takes ownership of your project to achieve your objectives with the greatest performance and lowest risk.


Experience the Rush Difference.

Rush Resources substantially improves overall project experiences, from concept to completion. Our clients repeatedly bring Rush Resources into their projects because we consistently deliver superior results and reduce project friction while keeping your objectives on schedule and on-budget.



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